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The Moselle rises above France's cherished Lorraine region and from there winds along Luxembourg-Germany's border to Koblenz, where it joins the Rhine. Discover rolling hills, lush vineyards, peaceful villages and majestic castles.

There is nothing more relaxing than cruising along the Moselle on a beautiful summer day. Wine has been made in the region since the Romans, and Riesling is its most famous product today. You will have the opportunity to visit villages and taste vintages from local wineries.

In the 1960s, a canal was completed connecting this river to the main Rhine route. Because this river was not an early trade route, it is still sleepy and peaceful as compared to other rivers in Europe. As a result, you can sit on the deck and enjoy lush woodlands and vine-covered hills, dotted now and then with impressive castles and fortresses.

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